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When is the best time to fish?

January/February: The bluefin tuna can be very close to shore and in this period we have even spotted them from land. It's the coldest and windiest period of the year and normally this is when we prepare for the upcoming season.

March: The bigger pelagics like bluefin tuna and little tunny start to show up in greater numbers. Temperatures lay around 15 to 20 degrees Celsius and it can be windy at times. 

April: Official start of the season. The shoals of tuna and tunnies are getting bigger and surface action can be excellent. 
Bluefish and leerfish have now arrived inshore along the coast and river mouth.

May: Can be considered as one of the best months to catch a tuna on a spinning rod and big poppers and stickbaits. They are slowly getting ready to spawn and the feedings can be very aggressive. 

June: This can be considered as a transition month and the start of the summer. Temperature will rise above 30 degrees Celsius and seas are typically calm. The bluefin tuna have left the area to spawn, but in return the inshore activity with bluefish, leerfish and a variety of other species can be excellent.

July: Is all about the return of the bluefin tuna. Especially the second half of the month can provide outstanding topwater activity with shoals that will reach sizes of several football pitches. This time of the year can be hot and seas are calm.

August: By many seen as the best month of the year. Bluefin tuna, little tunnies, atlantic bonitos, bullet tunas and mackerel can be found in the same area. Mahi mahi/dolphin fish make their first appearance and can be great fun on light spinning and fly rods.
Temperatures are high with a typical southern summer breeze.

September: The best month for catching a variety of species and recommended for fly fishermen. Mahi mahi and football sized tuna species are often caught in triple figures. Dentex and other bottom dwellers start to show up on the rocky areas and reefs.

October: Excellent month for jigging and light tackle. Dentex, amberjack, common pandora, mahi mahi, bluefin tuna.

November: Dentex, amberjack, common pandora. Temperatures are dropping, can be windy and choppy, showers, end of the season.

December: Holiday period, closed.

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